Thursday, 10 September 2009

Nemedian Gig

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Siyo Interview

1. Love the mixtape, whens the next one?

Fair play horse, appreciate that. Im workin on the next one now at the minute, 'Weapon Of Mass Creation', just a quick throw together before i get stuck into a proper studio album. I got signed to an independant record label Grown Music, who have a nice little video for Natural B. So over the next year im taking this on as a full time job ya know. So there is gonna be loads of fresh newness comin out from me. I have been sitting on a few of them Fresh Out The Gaf tunes a while so i was workin on the new stuff before i start recording.
2. How come your give your music away for free?

Well im fresh from the press ya know, how can i be expecting folk to pay for a mixtape from an artist they never heard of before, the exposure that giving it away free will be priceless ya know, an that is exactly what happened, all you gotta do to hear my stuff is follow a link, now i made a nice little name for myself i can expect to move a few units, hopefully haha

3. What is this whole Siyo/Rawsoul beef?

As i said, i have been sitting on a few tracks a while so this was wrote long before i met Tera. Hip hop is hip hop, weather its New York or Dublin so if your up on the top of the 'game' you have to expect emcees like me taking shots so fuck it, i took a shot. I spoke to him a few times before he dropped his track so there never was personal beef. I was gigging with Class A'z, L Demon, Mc Mighty, Mc Phats & Smokie Jay on the the Blaze Tour in Cork so we had a good chin wag, i was gee eyed so cant really remember what exactly was said but the result is here for all to hear.
4. Who won?

Who you think ??? Chase them babies was a fucking banger. My response wasnt the best of quality recording but everyone can hear whats on it. I think if you like the stupid puns like 'junkie frank lampard', 'sucking off a horse','fuck a hippopottomus' etc well then he won, but if you wanna hear the facts like my career is only begining an his is nearly over or he bought the very cd i dissed him on then i won. Even to have him write a whole tune about me shows its evident im making shit happen, either that or he's hanging on the buzz i created to keep his goin. Whatever the case it makes for some good music.
5. Any plans for your future in hip hop ?

Big plans my man, making moves for sure, with Grown Music im gonna be working hard to put together an epic of an album which will have a few videos an all cause these boys are getting stuck in for sure. Straight into the next project, this will never stop. And when Dr Dre comes callin ima blow this joint haha fo sho. No, just keep the ball rolling, keep the fire burning.
6. Who has been ur greatest support coming up in the scene?

My greatest support ?? From day 1 me and the little bro Adam always knew i could contend, so i took my sound to Blaze @ Eamon Dorans were i got my chance at an open mic, since then Al Newman has been puttin me on every gig he can, loads of shit. But none of this woulda came about without Tera. I met him on me 3rd night in Dorans an he said he would put me up to record, i have been trying to get studio time for a while ya know, looking for a good deal and what not an Tera said straight out, no bother man i'll look after ya. And he did for sure, him an Collie. The two boys jumped head first into it and i admire them for that. Jebus too ha me mate Chris Ormand, who recently became a father, big up ya self, done me artwork an Jebus printed an pressed it. The little support from everyone made this shit happen so i feel blessed i could meet the right people so quickly.

7. Who would you say is the best mc outside Dublin?

I havent heard a great deal to be honest, GMC is pullin strings alright, seems to be everywhere, definatly feelin his sound, seen Mickey Gatch freestylin down in Cork, he was dope. Not up there with the Demon tho haha, the guy is a lyrical nutcase. There should be more Hip Hop Ireland shit goin down rather then Dublin Hip Hop, to break this poxy mould where nobody outside of our little community give us proper respect for what were all doin. We gotta come together ya know, not enough collabos with the mulla's hahaha which ima try do for me next album.

8. Is there any particular artist you want to collaborate with?

I have been doin a bit with Jambo an JohnnyBoy, layin verses on mixtapes here albums there, them boys have a whopper sound so ima defo get them on, Riz, Joe Mac the lot. The Class A's diggin there shit for true, the boys are sick with it. Mc Mighty, love the oul reggae so ima defo make some hotness with him for sure.Nifty, lovin his sound. Everyone man, Dublin to Cork to Belfast, lets do it to it.

9. Anything to say before you go mate?

Weapon Of Mass Creation comin very soon, a much more mature sound, keep your ears peeled, DJ Mo K's SpeakerBox RTE Pulse Digi Radio, this Monday night 11 o clock, Big Siyo layin down a few rhymes. Big up I.N.K with the RipRap Sessions, fair play mate. Will be in the Clarence Sligo 25 Sept and Stillorgan 1 October, Blaze@Burn Beach Club. Gonna be rockin, As i said im getting busy busy so expect loads of shit, never imitate always create, One Love

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Inglorious Basterds

Watch Inglourious Basterds (2009) Online Here!