Saturday, 15 August 2009

GMC - Conas Ata Tu (feat Buba Shakespeare)

Conas Ata Tu from GMC and Bubba Shakespeare is an amazing track from the legendary Cork mc and producer. It's completely as Gaeilge, (if only more mcs were writing in the native tongue).
Please support this track as well as the Irish language and hip hop scene by buying it and getting it into the charts. I can assure you this track is pure gold and is getting good reviews all around, but if you dont believe me you can hear a snippet here.

To buy, simply text "music 3595" to 57501. Then it'll send u a login and password to get the track online.
Please download it then because it won't get recognized by the charts unless you click download too!

Come on lads support the scene and the language, be part of this great step forward for Irish Hip Hop as a genre, sure it's cheaper than a bottle of coke :)


  1. cheers for the heads up nemedian
    i bought this track its a good song but i cant understand it lol

  2. absolute dogshit, these guys make wiggers look talented