Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Here's a free download of the classic Nu-Centz Album "Why Be Modest" which he released free due to public demand and his hot mixtape "Hardest Working Man". These are two of the best releases in Irish Hip Hop and available for free download on the links bellow. If you like Nu-Centz please support him by buying his music from his sites also linked bellow.

Nu-Centz - Why Be modest
1. 4:28 AM
2. Believe
3. My People
4. Do It Again ft. GMC & Collie
5. Open Letter
6. You Got That ft. Maverick Sabre
7. Why Be Modest ft. Rawsoul
8. I'm From
9. It's Love Love Love
10. Listen
11. 1 Sided
12. Take It Back ft. Diligenz
13. Apologise
14. They Say ft. Terawrizt
15. That's Blackroom ft. Redzer & Rawsoul
16. By My Side

Nu-Centz - Hardest Working Man

1. ABOMC (W/ Rawsoul)
2. Nuie's 4 kids (Verse)
3. Look of Love (W/ Terawrizt)
4. Is that Relaxin??
5. Just Lyrics (Verse)
6. Memories of U...
7. It's Not Easy
8. Doin what your Doin
9.I'm From (Feat. DJ Mo-K)
10.Listen (Feat. Ratman)
11.Your Birds a Hacker (Feat. Redzer)
12. We Gon Make it.. (Verse)

Nu-Centz Bebo
Nu-Centz Myspace

Nu-Centz Biography:

Born in April 1987. Nu-Centz first picked up the pen as an immature nipper who believed he was tupac or at least some kind of gangster, at the slightly dodgy age of 12!

By 14 or 15 (currently to monged to remember which) Nu-Centz made his first appearence on national radio station 2Fm on "The Big Smoke" presented by Wes D'Arcy alongside Lil Chi and Shaq Wan..He was shite.

At 16 he was regularly jamming in "The Jam Factory" (ironically enough) with his now close buddys Finnesse, Kootie Kat, Mista B, Rich-E, Rob Kelly, Rawsoul, Skitz and more..he was pretty dodgy them too..

Just after he was a year older then 16 and a year younger then 18, he together with his recently formed group "Hot Property" which then featured Rich-E aswell as Rawsoul were due to headline an all ages gig run by Treasure Island at the temple theatre but there was fucking riots before HP's set

where the fuck is this even going? oh yes..

By 18..Nu-Centz had already released a Mixtape (The Most Self-Centered EP) locally and two albums (Music for the Open Minded, I Can Explain) with great success and extensive radio play...

Now entering 2007 on the back off playing the point depot with rob kelly supporting Scooter & Cascada, Nuie is wrapping up his third album, "Why Be Modest" which will be released by Blackroom Entertainment, on sale in early January and has featured artists such as New York hiphop legend Wordsworth (from the MTV Lyricist Lounge & Art of Rhyme DVD)..and is about to start work on the highly anticipated "Hot Property" CD with long time partner in rhyme Rawsoul which will be distributed throughout Ireland....

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