Sunday, 16 August 2009

Nugget Interview

1. Alrite nugget, how are ya doing?

Ah im not bad. Bit hungry mind you! But i cant complain.
2. See ya got a mixtape out and from what we've heard, it amazing, were would one go about buying this?

Well ya can get it directly from myself at any gigs, through paypal from and also from all city records in temple bar. Its only a tenner which is less than 5% of your dole so its still a right rip off!
3. How would you describe your style as a rapper?

Eh i dont really know to be honest. I suppose i do some kinda light hearted stuff and punchline type stuff with
a bit of seriousness thrown in for good measure! Just really depending on the mood when im writing like. Lately ive been writing a lot of more serious stuff like but i still enjoy an oul good crack tune for the buzz and that. To be honest i think ive yet to really develop a style of my own fully but i suppose that will come with time.
4. can u explain the beef with redzer? :p

Ah there was never really any. Reds album was about to come out and there had been a few diss tracks flying about and he was complaining nobody ever dissed him. So he gave me the beat to do it. It worked out well for me cos he was well known so it got me a few listens from people curious to see what was going. I think we fooled a few people at the time who thought it was serious. But he heard it the night it was recorded and it was all in good fun like. I heart redzer!
5. Any plans for future releases?

Ah yeah ill be doing it as long as im enjoying it. I got a bit lazy with the music and had a lot of shit going on in me personal life so i wasnt doing as many tunes there for a while. Plus after putting together the mixtape and hearing it i suppose i became a lot more critical of my own stuff so im scutinising everything more and scrapping a good of what i write. Im trying to get back into the swing of it now though. As soon as i start building a nice pile of new tunes ill plan what route to go with the next release! So hopefully ill be coming out with something much better next time.
6. In your opinion who are the best mcs from Dublin?

Hard to say like cos theres a higher standard than a few years ago and different people have different styles. The class a'z lads all bring top notch stuff to the table everytime both as a group and solo. I love dilligenz stuff as well his flow is mad unique. For me theyre kinda the best outta dublin but theres loads more id be here all day naming them.
7. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

God of all time thats a tough one. I suppose maybe bob marley but it'd be impossible to chose!
8. Can you see the Irish Hip Hop scene growing further and reaching the charts or do you think it will stay underground?

Its hard to say really. Every now and again i think something might go somewhere but its not an easy market to conquer and theres not many doors opened to irish hiphop within the music industry. A few acts have done well in the past few years though. Not on a huge scale but infomatics and mjex have had some success which is great to see. I suppose if ya work hard at it ya can make things happen.
9. What does nugget do in his spare time?

Ah the usual stuff getting stoned with the lads playing fifa and that. Drop in for a game if your not busy like! I play a bit of ball when i can as well. Have to keep occupied somehow. I spend a lot of time with daughter as well which is always a bit of buzz. Other than that i just take the piss out of people and tell shite jokes for me own amusement. Oh i also enjoy making myself sneeze.
10. This is the bit where you promote yourself :P

Well as i already said up above the mixtape is out now so go buy it or get a burned copy off your mates if your a cheap cunt. No refunds. Cheers for the time and a big shout out to Tera, Dave, Collie and Seamy C for all the work on the mixtape and to Jebous for the oul mugshot on the front.

Nugget Bebo
If you still need proof that Nugget is one to watch in the scene check out this promo for the mixtape:

and get down to All City or onto Myspace and buy the Mixtape.

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