Saturday, 15 August 2009

Top Ten

Will be starting up a chart now soon for various styles of underground music.
For now could everyone email me there top 10 Irish Hip Hop tracks.
If ya could do this before the end of this week.
Sunday 23 August Closing Date.
And will be featured.
For now please take time to support Irish Hip Hop by downloading the tunes and showing your appreciation on the Artist's bebo, and where ya can buy their music do it.
Also check out the Irish Undaground site here for more Irish Hip Hop.
Comments are now open so you can comment on the posts give some feedback.
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Coming soon....
  • Terawrizt Interview (exclusive)
  • More free mixtapes
  • More from the world of graf
  • Irish Dubstep
  • Club guide to Dublin
  • Cork Hip Hop


  1. Urban Intelligence - Urban Intelligence
    Lunitic Ft RiRa - Celtic Funk
    Johnnyboy - It's Alright
    Costello - The Reefer
    Street Literature - Give Me A Reason
    4Real - Until I Die
    Dj Moschops Ft The Informatics - Coastin
    G.I & Costello - Don't Need What Money Can Buy
    Rira - 25 o Clock in The Mornin
    Street Literature Ft Fly - Straight Spittin Part 2
    Thats in no particuliar order

  2. ahaha one entry
    where can i download these?