Saturday, 8 August 2009

Riot Squad vs Slick Fury

Ok Back to Rap now for a quick post about the ongoing beef between Riot Squad and Slick Fury in Gorey.
Wow Rap Beef in Gorey who'da knew....
We here at Irish Dance Music haven't taken sides in this argument, but we hope you guys give us your opinions in the comments...
Heres the Vids in Order... Make up your own minds... :)

Slick Fury - Gettin' It

Riot Squad - We Dun It Again

Slick Fury - Jump Out The Way

At this point there has been no new Riot Squad tracks dissing back...
Maybe soon we will keep you updated.
If Slick Fury or Riot Squad are reading this get in touch for an Interview.
Good stuff boys!!

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  1. Everybody comment on the beef and see what you all think eh?