Monday, 17 August 2009

Nifty Skillz Interview

We catch up with one of the youngest rappers in the Irish Hip Hop scene, Nifty with a few questions on his career, latest album and getting taken seriously;
1.How long have you been rapping Nifty?

Started out writting when i was 11 so coming up to 6 years now but really only have been making some real tunes the year and half or so !

2. Tell us about your new album?

yeah eh well its called 16 Years (And A Bit) In The Makin and has 10 songs on it all mixed and mastered by Collie & Terawrizt,thanks again for that lads. It features some 16s from Tera also plus Cullo & Nugget kindly recorded verses for me aswell. Thanks to those lads too.Got some nice beats from Monto,Caves,Spontane,2Deep & Vherbal and equally thanks to them too.Its on sale on itunes & rhapsody at the moment and just got in touch with Tera about getting some physical copies of him so I should have them to hustle around in the next few days, so if you want one,just give us an oul email or whatever and i`ll sort you out !

3. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

In the world probably Nas,basically because he is a legend and has always been my favourite mc since I first started listening to rap music.But on a more realistic note i would love to collaborate with Maverick Sabre, the chaps a beast and would most definetly be up there with my all time favourites no matter if he`s doing acoustic or rapping..mav hit me up !

4. Do you ever find you don't get taken seriously being an MC at 16?

i dont know actually to be honest,i havent really pushed my music out to the people yet thats what i am trying to do at the moment with the album so i will find out then i suppose.But i have got a few people listening to my tunes over the last few months and most have enjoyed my music or so they say anyway.I think there would be a few who wouldnt take me as serious but thats there problem you know
5. Any gigs coming up that we should look out for?

I was asked to play in a youth cafe in Lucan where I live and still could do in the coming weeks but since its a youth cafe it all has to be censored which could screw me over a bit but i might do it,im not quite sure yet but one is around the corner some time,until then i will keep plugging away at my music.

6. Anything to say before you go?

Buy the album and tell your friends to tell more friends about me.And nice one to yourself for the interview and nice blog, keep up the good work..

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