Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Terawrizt Interview

1.Hello Tera, how are you today?

what up world!! im good bro, i'm still young(ha) have good health, i'm broke and on the dole, Irelands still in a recession, the government
is still robbin us blind and tellin us not to worry about it, swine flu is still not killing people, i'm still making hot tracks for my people, it's just
another day in the life....

2.How would you describe your style? & who are your main influences/inspirations?

As my boy Dj.Spin-it-quickly wud put it, my style is highly metaphysical lol...
I always hate answering these type of questions coz i dont like catagorizing myself and musically i'm constantly tryna reinvent what i do
and how i do it. On my solo stuff i usually do darker topics and save the buzzier light hearted material for group tracks but it really depends
on what day u catch me on and what type of beat im working with. I've stopped listening to music lately, i guess once ur on the inside seeing
how its all put together and presented the allure of other artists disappears coz now when im listening to music instead of just appreciating
the finished work i'm pulling apart how it was made and how it cud have been improved, plus most of the garbage thats out now is exactly what it says on the tin..

3.How did you get into hip hop music?

Natural progression, from when i first started listenin to hip hop back in the day all i wanted to do was be that dope lyricist that i was listenin to.
From about 14 or 15 i'd spend hours just writing lyrics, i reckon about half the dissapearence of the amazon rainforest can be attributed to note-pads
i have stored away from back in the day.. but i am doing my bit for the environment lately coz all my lyrics are typed up on the computer.
It's funny coz alot of the MC's i listened to back then i cant stand now so it has me wonderin how i ever got myself into this mess in the first place ha...

4.As one of the best MC's in the Irish hip-hop scene how do you reacted to people dissing you?

Why who's been dissin me?lol!
I Guess it kinda comes with the territory. When people see you in the position they wanna be in they come under some delusion that by targetin
you they might make a name for themselves or some shit. Plus alot of these guys have watched these beef d.v.d's and think thats the real world. Most of them only started listenin to hip hop tru 50cent and g-unit and havent really got a clue about the artform. And add to that the fact that most of em are only rappers about 10 minutes and when u hear these disses u actually feel embaressed for them and there parents for bringin these retards into this world. I'll wait till a diss track from someone credible hits my radar before i unleash the force of a planet destroying atomic bomb on them, until then i'll keep the fly swatter around to squash these delusional bugs...

5.The spiral diss? What happened here?

Jesus, ur really dragging up some old shit here lol. To be honest it was more impetuousness on my part, if i cud go back i wudnt have bothered wastin my time with someone so insignificant. The lad who was producing for me at the time was from Finglas so it was more personal for him that such a tool was getting alot of attention and bringin a bad name to ihh. Alot of people didnt like the fact that if u told people u were an emcee there reaction wud be "what like ur man spiral" and wud get laughed at becoz of it. So i made the gettin evicted track calling him out for what he was. At the time it seemed like a good idea, he even turned up to a gig we played in Sin around that time and he had a minder with him which kinda sumed up the tool that he was. When he came in lads started givin him abuse so he stormed out in a huff, threw a tantrum and got followed up the road by a gang of lads singin getting evicted, i think the video is floatin around on the net. As funny as it was at the time, in hindsight i can see it was unnesscesary becoz he dissappeared off the map as quick as he popped up on it. Its just typical of the Irish nation that an idiot gimmic wud be given so much airtime to make a fool of himself while serious talent goes virtually unnoticed and falls tru the cracks..
Spiral if ur listenin, ur still a faggot haha..

6.What does Terawrizt do in his spare time?

Spare time.. whats that? ha.. Ah im always involved in somethin musically. Myself and Collie have been doing lots of production work for emcee's the last year. Basically were giving people who either haven't got access to studio's or cant afford to, a cheaper alternative to get there music out there. So far this year we've put out Nucentz - Hardest Working Man V.2, Nuggets - The Nugget That You Love To Hate, Siyo's -Fresh Out The Gaff V.1, Nifty's - 16 Years In The Makin' plus were currently working on stuff for other artists like Diligenz, Cullo & Young Dub, Tanya D amongst others. Add into the mix Sense The Terror(released), my solo project Written In Stone, Collie's solo The Aul Sod, Rawsoul's The Raw Deal, Class A'z The Drug Money Mixtape and Hot Property L.P. all nearing completion and due out over next few months theres not alot of time left to throw around. I am back playin footy again tho after a couple years out wit a bad knee injury, so add in two nights training a week and a match on a sunday and i got a pretty full schedule these days. But when i do get some spare time i usually chill out wit the moth and watch some of the brain washing box and what not..

7.What are your views on the Irish Hip Hop scene in 2009 and into the future?

I always like to stay positive for the future, or else i wudnt be putting so much of my time and efforts into this shit now. It can get disheartening at times when u see such a general lack of interest from the public, but in sayin that we have been getting huge support wit the Class A'z stuff and u cant go anywhere with Redzer without him getting recognized(hard to believe i know lol) Its hard for me to say much about the Irish Hip Hop scene without being critical so i'd rather just focus on what im doing and working on gettin my crew out there to be as successful as we shud be. Ask around an i bet they've heard the name, so we'll just keep puttin stuff out for the people who are listenin and payin attention and wait for the mainstream to catch up with the underground.

8.Whats your favourite track released so far in IHH scene?

As far as released tracks go its got to be Collie's "Bottle Talk" from his How Things Change album. Its just one of those songs i think everyone in Ireland can relate to, from the sombre melodic hit rock bottom hook, to the buzzy enjoyment of his lyrics on the verses, we've all been there done that and lost the fuckin t-shirt on a random drink and drug fueled night of madness that encorporates are Irishness to the fullest.

9.Alot of your work is quite deep and often political. Anything you want to say?

When it comes to music i always where my heart on my sleave, which is why i think alot of people relate to what im saying so much. But for me i feel alot of people arent truelly aware of whats at work in the world around them, like we only know what were told tru the media or what not. So if we only know what were told what happens if what were told isnt truthful or is misleading. I can relate to Raw-Shack from the watchmen alot in that everything were told by the powers that be is compromised or twisted and theres alot of misinformation floating around. Without jumping too far down the rabbit-hole i just like to put out a balanced objective view on the world that i percieve around me. And lets be honest, anyone wit half a brain can see that are government is a joke, are minister for health hardly depicts a healthy picture and are last elected Furher was knee deep in political scandel before he left office and abandoned are sinkin economy. So i kinda feel its somewhat my responsibility to approach subjects like this in my music and put it in a way the average listener can understand and relate, not so that they'll take what i say as gospel but more so that there eyes opened up enough to find out whats what for themselves. On Written In Stone i get into my usual political narritives mixed wit some social awareness. On a track i have wit Collie called De-humanized i go into story tellin mode and on each verse i tell the story of different people and how there lives and situations have desensitized them and leads to there dysfucntional mindsates within society. On a track wit Rawsoul called Story of the Soul, we take on the different aspects of good and evil souls going from the begining of time up to modern times and how the battle of good against evil played out tru all the major historical events. I think people who like that side of my music will definately enjoy this cd, but dont worry theres a couple of buzzy Class A tracks and the usually skull duggery thrown in the mix. But on a personal note u shudnt take what i say too seriously coz i definately dont. So if a kid goes out an shoots a Garda and blames it on the new Terawrizt cd i'll be pointing you to this disclaimer right here. Anythin is say can and will be used against you. Believe the hype.. Class A'z for life....

10.Anything to say before you go?

My new cd will be out soon wit a video so make sure u get that shit, the Class A'z Drug Money Mixtape will be out before then as a taster for the new Class A'z album thats in the works. Eh did i mention Class A'z are rappa savage animal whopper an all an anyways!?!...
Cheers to everyone whos bought, burnt, and blazed up to my cd's over the years.
Shout out to Jebus and all my dole brotha's, Say No to Lisbon and Yes to Class A'z B'z and every other catagory of narcotical mind benders available on the black market. Peace out Earthlingz.......


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